To sum up Abby and Colbys wedding day, it was full of love. The family bonds were very strong from the choreographed mother/ son dance to the first look Abby had with her dad. Abby expressed to me beforehand that family is very important to them and you could tell that this day wasn't just about them but about their family legacy. Their relationship with God was at the forefront of their day and infused in the bridal party toasts and private prayer before the ceremony. The love for Abby and Colby, their families and God was abundant from everyone that was present. Even with how emotional the wedding day was, there was still SO. MUCH. FUN. The man of honor had the whole room cracking up with his speech, the dance floor was hoppin' when the DJ played Shout and the private last dance was to Werewolf of London. Oh, and let's not forget the awesome get away car and "mixed tape" wedding favor!