I'm Courtney & it's so nice to meet you! Since you received this guide, you are probably interested in having me tag along as your personal hype woman on your wedding day. That means the absolute world to me and you don't even know it yet! 

This guide is packed with all the fun stuff you need to know before deciding on your dream wedding photographer. So take a look around! I hope you find everything you've been looking for!



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Above all else, I want you to expect a day full of joy and genuine emotions. It's YOUR wedding day. Not mine, not your mama's. There are zero expectations placed on you aside from showing up and living every single beautiful moment of the day!


For the most part, I'll be sitting back and watching for moments to unfold organically. These moments won't be guided but instead will be shot genuinely and with intention. Then comes the portraits. You with the gals, you with your brand spanking new husband, you know what I'm talking about! In these moments, I'll guide you to interact with your most favorite people. That might include getting your girls into a dance party, doing whatever necessary to get a real laugh out of you, or encouraging you to embrace a sweet and loving moment. My intention is always to make sure you are enjoying yourself alongside the people you love most!

Your wedding photographer is going to influence the feel of the day. There is just no way around that. With me, I'm your hype woman. I'm going to constantly tell you how beautiful you are, because you are. I'm going to constantly look for ways to put a big joyous smile on your face and I'm going to constantly make sure that you are enjoying yourself. You should feel two things after your time with me, joy & loved. 




I believe in the power of a timeless image. I want you to look back at your wedding album when you're old & gray and still be just as moved as the first time you saw it. That's why I believe so deeply in delivering genuine imagery that's full of humanity. That's also why I keep my editing true to life, void of any current trends or fads. You deserve images that will truly stand the test of time. 




What if we feel awkward? 

Every single one of my couples say that so you're not alone. & I promise you, I've got your back 110% After your time with me, you will have had so much fun you forgot you were even being photographed and you will feel so good about yourself you'll go off and audition for next top model ;)

Do you travel?

You're making all my dreams come true! I've shot all over Texas and in Colorado. I'd love to pack my bags and fly out to wherever your love will take me. Travel fees will apply so I'd love to get you a custom quote!

Do I need a second photographer?

Should I have an engagement session? 

I highly recommend a second photographer if your budget allows. You have access to multiple angles which is especially important if you're having any first looks. If the timeline is off track (which does happen frequently), you have two photographers to divide and conquer instead of having to cut certain moments short. The biggest advantage is two sets of eyes. I can only focus on one thing at a time. With two of us, we can capture the hilarious joke the best man makes while also getting the guest reactions. We can get the look on your face as you read your vows and also the tears streaming down your mom's face. Two photographers is an extremely valuable asset. 

I'm going to say YASSSSS! because they are my favorite. We get a chance to warm up to each other before the wedding which helps us both. Engagement sessions allow for more creativity and fun (Not many brides want a piggy back ride in their wedding dress)  & it's a special way to celebrate the short time in your life that you are engaged. Soon you will be married and you'll look back on your engagement and wonder where it went. It's a time full of excitement and hope and it most certainly deserves to be celebrated!

How many images should we expect?

Every wedding is different but I guarantee a minimum of 50 images per hour of coverage. However, your gallery could have much more than this especially if you have a second photographer. 

How long until we receive our gallery?

Weddings are delivered within 6-8 weeks & engagement session are delivered within 2 weeks. 


Client Love

"MAN DID SHE DELIVER TOO. She eased all of our fears, and nailed our entire "hit list", while also capturing the special moments that just were happening around. Our wedding album is everything I could have dreamed of and more and she captured the entire feel of our day so eloquently."

-Baileigh G.

"She kept us laughing and having fun the whole way through! Courtney always knew where to be to capture little moments happening that I would have never noticed and she was always there to help us out. I would hire Courtney over and over again if I had the chance."

-Victoria W.

"You captured all the best parts of our day. We are so thankful for you."

-Abigail S.

"Really truly, Courtney was a complete game-changer and the real MVP. I’m so incredibly grateful that she was able to capture ALL the love on our special day."

-Helen C.





10 hours of coverage | engagement session

two photographers

12x12 fine art album

high resolution images

online gallery | printing rights




8 hours of coverage | engagement session

two photographers

high resolution images | online gallery

printing rights




8 hours of coverage | high resolution images | online gallery

printing rights


 + 8.25% sales tax | 30% non-refundable retainer due to reserve date. 





Additional hours: 500

Engagement session: 400

Bridal session: 400

Additional photographer: 800

Rehearsal dinner:

1 hr-500


12x12 fine art album: from 690


albums, canvas, prints and other products available through the print shop attached to your online gallery



Mr. & Mrs. Gilfus-17.jpg

So you've decided I'm the girl for you?! Hold on so I can scream in excitement, AHHHHH!


Ok, now that's out of the way, I'll send a booking form via email to gather up all the info I need.


Once I get that, I'll send over the proposal which contains the contract and invoice. Everything will be done electronically via email. (EZPZ)

Next step? Engagement session if you've chosen one. I'll work with you to choose the best location, date & outfit help if needed. 

I will check in periodically to make sure you're surviving wedding planning and offer help if you need it. IF YOU EVER NEED MY RECOMMENDATIONS OR HELP, PLZZZZ TEXT ME! I'M HERE FOR YOU! THIS IS CAPS SO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW SERIOUS I AM!

It's one month before the wedding!  Now you'll get a questionnaire (still via email, EZPZ remember) so I can gather ALLLLLL the necessary info to be 110% prepared. No stressing for you because I have the whole thing under control. 

We will set up a phone call to discuss everything and go over the timeline. I will get in touch with your coordinator if you have one to make sure our timelines line up. If you don't have a coordinator, I'll work with you to create a timeline. You aren't allowed to worry about a single thing on the big day, remember?


6-8 weeks after your wedding day, you'll receive your wedding gallery via an online link. You can download and purchase prints straight from the gallery. 

If you have purchased an album or your collection includes one, you'll favorite your must have images and I'll get to work designing that bad boy!



Let's do the dang thang!