The Experience


Your time with me should leave you feeling two things above all else,






I believe in the power of a timeless photograph. I want you to see the images of your wedding day years from now & still be able to feel the day. Your images should hold the emotion of the day, the humanity, the joy. They should bring back the warm fuzzies when you're feeling nostalgic & remind you of the strength of your bonds when times get tough. These images should all string together to tell the story of your wedding day and they should showcase all of the moments, both big & small.  



Half of what I do is watch & anticipate for moments to happen organically. This comes from reading the room and having the experience to know what naturally comes next at a wedding. In these moments, I don't guide anything. Instead, I capture the moment with intention. 


The other half of what I do is guide you to interact with those you love most. Whether that's advocating for a dance party with your girls or giving subtle direction to love up on your boo-thang, I'm here for you. My approach is always to foster interaction and real emotions in a way that makes you enjoy your time with me & most importantly, enjoy your wedding day. 



Every effort is put into each couple with emphasis on attention to detail. Because of this, we accept a select number of weddings per year.


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Collections begin at $3800 

Engagement session $500

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